Friday, June 29, 2007

Eye Candy Friday...or...There's a New Rooster In the Hen House!!

I had HOPED to have a picture of the latest addition to Chicks with Sticks (the knitting group I am in).....but due to the lateness of the hour last night (and the exhaustion of the new mommy) I wasn't able to get any pics.

Did you guess? We have a NEW member of Chicks With Sticks.....although it may be a while before he can actually knit with us, we are all looking forward to the "Little Man" joining us for many, many Thursday night get togethers!!! (No doubt he will sleep well on Thursday nights after so much attention!!) LOL!!

Our dear friend Ginger gave birth to a precious little boy late yesterday, their first baby!!!

The ladies in our group had hoped to invade and all take turns starting the spoiling process of the Little Man but there is plenty of time and hope to have pics posted soon!!

Ginger.....we love you DEARLY!!!!!!!!!!


Laura said...


I'm sharing the fun of this Birthday Meme. Enjoy it!

Hope your Max-a-Million is doing well. It can also stand for "Million Bad Deeds," you know.

Mother of Purl said...

Thanks for the pep talk. And for future reference, it takes ALOT to offend me, and I have, in fact, pitched a knit fit already! It really helps to read encouraging comments like yours. Have a great holiday! Amanda