Sunday, February 11, 2007

Bloomin Feet Update!

FINALLY.....I have made my decision on which yarn to use for my Bloomin Feet mate!!

I was so excited when I found the Sweet Georgia Yarn site (click on link and scroll to see the Viola yarn).......but quite disapointed when I actually received the Viola as it is N.O.T.H.I.N.G.
like the picture posted on their website. What I received has VERY little variation in the color, pretty much solid and VERY dark....although still pretty! I was planning on knitting a simple K2,P2 pattern and was counting on the quality of the yarn in addition to the beautiful variations of color making up for my basic stitch pattern.

The Wildflower is pretty, but with so many different colors I'm not sure how "busy" it might look. The Wisteria is pretty also but very, very light.

SOOOOO......having looked at all the options I have decided to go with the Viola by Sweet Georgia Yarn. The quality of this yarn is very nice....reminds me very much of Blue Moon Fibers, I am even contemplating a pattern that is NOT my usual K2,P2 pattern!! I'll be going over patterns tonight and will have a decision made later on. I haven't knitted any patterns other than straight knit stitch or K2,P2, so this will be a challenge!!!!

(I would have posted pics of the above mentioned yarns but "new and improved" blogger wouldn't allow me to post any of my saved photos, yet allowed the Bloomin Feet Logo.....don't you just LOVE the New and Improved Blogger??)


amanda said...

we'll all be cheering you on :o)

Teyani said...

the viola is lovely - despite being more solid than you envisioned. It gives lots of room to select patterns.

Anonymous said...

I am sure your pal will LOVE them! Viola is a beatiful yarn!
Happy Valentine's Day!
Your Bloomin' Feet Pal