Monday, February 19, 2007

Bloomin Feet Update & Surprise!!

Know how some folks are just so thoughtful and kind that it makes you want to do more for others???

I present you with Exhibit A:

How cute is this?????

I was checking out the Bloomin Feet Bloggers last week and saw a post that contained a Brie Baker! I thought I had every single kitchen "gadget" known to man.....but somehow I manged to miss this:

I LOVE Brie cheese!!! I think this is absolutely the cutest piece of pottery I have ever seen.....and I have a lot of pottery!!!

Wendy, you are so very thoughtful!! I know you are incredibly busy, yet you took the time to spread the sunshine my way and I can't thank you enough!!! I had a co-worker once tell me that sometimes I just need to say "thank-you" and let it go......but this time I can't do I have a little something that will be on it's way to you shortly!!! (Besides, after this weekend you deserve a little something more than your newest badge!) LOL!!!

I also have an update on my Bloomin Feet Sock!!!
I HAVE been working on a sock!!!

I'm disappointed that the yarn is virtually solid....I spent a lot of time looking for "just the right" yarn for my sock mate. While the yarn is nice quality, the color is very dark with little variation in the color way. The website showcased a yarn that had several different shades from light to dark.

I'm a nervous wreck about knitting a sock that will fit a foot that is MANY miles from my knitting socks to date have all been made for those close enough that they can try on periodically and I can adjust as needed.

The pattern is a fairly simple pattern.....from Charlene Schurch, hopefully with enough stretch that it will make up for my lack of knitting skills!!!!


Doogle Knits said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with your knitting skills. You are a fabulous knitter with a kind and generous heart -- a practically perfect person. I'm sure your pal will love the socks and will appreciate the time and energy you put into creating them.

paula said...

What a cute package! The sock looks good. I am almost to the toe of my Lenten Rose sock. I put aside the raglan

sydney said...

Beautiful pottery! I didn't even know they made Brie Bakers.

Your sock looks nice. I like the color. The great thing about socks is that they stretch so they don't have to be a perfect fit.

Emily said...

That is the cutest package ever! I love all the ribbons (brie dish is nice too heehee).

Your socks look great - I can see the variation in the yarn just fine. Looks like you've got mad knitting skills to me...

tonni said...

I LOVE that Brie dish! The socks look fabulous - I know your pal will love them - if she doesn't, let me know... i'm sure i could find someone who will:)

clothesknit said...

hey we have twin brie dishes! maybe we should get 'em together for a baked brie and wine tasting ;o)

the sock looks great! why are you doubting yourself? seriously, chin up...anyone would be lucky to have you knit for them.

Teyani said...

that's one beautiful sock - anyone would love to have it!

sprite said...

I'm nervous, too. How I'd hate to disappoint a generous sock knitter by sending them something that doesn't fit!

(But maybe everyone is feeling that way?)