Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Second First Socks!!

O.K. so it isn't my FIRST sock.....remember my "dysfunctional"relationship with my Wildefoot yarn and aluminum needles? How I thought I HATED those needles and ordered bamboo to use? WELL......needles arrived yesterday.....I am using the bamboo on these socks (which incidentally compared to the first yarn and needles feels like I am using Playskool toys!).....but NOW I don't like the bamboo needles!! (Don't tell my DH....he already says I change my mind too much!!)

I guess it is all a learning process....but I think with the tiny yarn I will need the bamboo for a measure of control and on the thicker yarn such as this I will definitely use the aluminum so I can work with it easier!!!

Is there a Cliff's Notes for Knitting out there somewhere??????


Emily said...

That is the prettiest yarn! I love the colorway! I am sorry the aluminum needles gave you so much trouble (they are very slippy), I love mine but Great Gran is an enormous fan of bamboo. She likes the way they hang on to the yarn.

Leah said...

I love the colors!

I use bamboo for socks if I am knitting with dpn's, but I usually use Addi circs and knit both at the same time.

You'll get there. Patience grasshopper!