Thursday, April 13, 2006

O.K. Valuable lesson learned.....SIZE DOES MATTER!!! I'm happily knitting along on my the point of beginning the heel, checked with my knitting mentor and sock queen Emily to be sure I'm on the right track. I decide before I start the heel that I can't stand it another minute....I just HAVE to try on what I have to see how STUNNING it is going to look when I am finished! WELL......much to my dismay I discover that while I did use the size needle stated on the pattern that apparently my gauge is off by one stitch resulting in a sock top that is WAY too big!!! So here we go again with the ripping!!

DH that he is suggested that perhaps I should have waited on buying sock yarn until I had actually completed a sock!!

So I poked him with one of my LOVELY double point needles!! Hee! Hee!

I reminded him that the things we work for the hardest in life are the most appreciated and MAN am I ever going to appreciate these socks.....One of the Days!!! I'll not post a picture of what I have....not worth getting the camera out. Oh is another day and hopefully I'll get enough knitted this weekend to have something worthy of a picture on Monday.


Emily said...

You should never wait until you finish a sock to buy more yarn! The very idea! I mean, what if you finish in record time and then have nothing to knit with? The thought makes me shiver...

wendy g said...

What a great sock stash. Emily is right about making sure you have plenty to knit with.