Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pruning and What Else....SOCKS!!

11 years ago this June we moved into our house. At the time, we were "into" yard work, wanting the "glory" to be ours.....yeah. well....not so much now. LOL!! have someone come in and overhaul our yard!!

What we originally planted was junipers to fill in underneath the Crepe Myrtles, to soften the retaining wall with tiny bits hanging over.

What we GOT was 4 truck loads and numerous trips I made, pulling branches to the edge of the woods for future burning.

Can't tell by the picture, but some of the branches are thick as my arm!! Obviously, the junipers were mislabeled!! We will finish cleaning the bed, pull up the stumps (too large to dig up)....and go with Plan soon as we come up with Plan B.

In the the needles:

Hubby Socks.....after bringing it to my attention that the ratio of HIS socks to MY socks was WAYYY less, I decided to knit him a pair!! One down, one well on its way

Fortissima Colori Socka Color by Schoeller Stahl. Color #8


Bubblesknits said...

I think you've got a lot of knitting to do to catch him up to you. LOL

Anonymous said...

Landscaping isn't my strong point, so I completely understand. Every year I have good intentions but get distracted by other things. :)

Love the hubby socks!

elizabeth said...

I've been feeling yard envy due to walking around the neighborhood and have BIG, BIG PLANS! For next year. :o) This year, I'll be content with a small amount of gardening and maybe in the fall I'll create a perennial bed.

My poor husband has only one pair of handknit socks. Bad me.