Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ten On Tuesday and Other Things

Ten On Tuesday's Post Today is "Guilty Pleasures"

Hmm.....only ten?

1. Pajama Day
2. REAL hot chocolate made with whole milk and shaved chocolate
3. Knitting all day....and letting the housework go
4. Reading all day....and letting the housework go
5. Going to a movie in the middle of a week day.
6. Taking a long, hot bath.....usually accompanied by a good book.
7. Manicure and Pedicure
8. Eating good chocolate.
9. Wasting time on the internet
10. Shopping for yarn

FINALLY......cooler weather....Frost Warning a couple of nights ago...and it is just October...and this is ALABAMA!!!

When I saw the weather

report I rushed to the sock

drawer and pulled out a pair

of socks....

The green wad of yarn is my

Sugar Maple Shawl. Probably finish with the lace

portion tonight and start the ruffle tomorrow night.

My sister and I wait breathlessly each Fall on who will find the first Peppermint Mocha Coffee Creamer....

I won this year...
picking up 8 bottles (on sale).....only to be VERY dissapointed!! Despite a phone call to the manufacturer, stating that there have been no formula changes from previous years....there is a most DEFINITE change in the taste and smell. As in you can no longer smell the peppermint once added to your cup of coffee...and there is only the faintest hint of peppermint taste.

There may have been a tear or two shed............we do love...or loved this stuff!! Sniff, Sniff!!


grace said...

That's a real shame about the coffee creamer! It sounded good! And now you have 8 bottles. :(

Bubblesknits said...

There may not have been a formula change, but something could have been off with their automated machine thingy (whatever measures the amount going into the bottles). Now and then I've gotten a case of drinks with a weird flavor.

Gone is our cold weather. le sigh

Sara said...

Oh I hate when a beloved food/beverage changes flavor :-(

Emily said...

We call pajama days Snow Days. We take them when the internet is down or when it actually snows in Atlanta (since it doesn't snow here).

Life's a Stitch said...

I need to do a couple of those things on your list. That would be a good swap, have bloggers make a list and then swap with others and do everything on their list ;-)

Susanne said...

Where are you????????