Friday, July 13, 2007

Eye Candy Friday, YUCK and a BIG surprise!!!

What could be better than starting your day with a good cup of coffee......served up in a CUTE sheep mug from a dear friend!!??!!!

Bibby ran by yesterday for a knit visit and brought me this mug...

TOOO Cute!!!!!! Reminds me of all the girls in our knit group Chicks with Sticks!!!

A close up...aren't they ADORABLE?????

 personal favorite.....The BLACK SHEEP of the group!!! LOL!!!

A Friday YUCK!!

As DH was getting ready for work this morning, as is his usual routine, he turns on the water while brushing his teeth ......he turned away from the sink for just a minute and when he turned back found THIS!!!

He was....shall we say...."substantial" size....NO clue where he came from....but when the water came on....this fella came to the party!!!!!!!!!

Hmmmm......I'm thinking I may start turning on the light and checking things out when making those late night bathroom visits!!!! With my luck I would be the ONE in a MILLION that would make the ER staff's night by showing up with a scorpian bite on my derriere!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!

Now for the SURPRISE!!

Our sweetie Ginger and her ADORABLE husband surprised everyone last night by showing up at Knit Night with their new baby boy....born exactly two weeks ago last night!!!!!!! Just absolutely MADE my night!!!

This was our first time to get to see the baby!!!

I didn't have my camera with me but you can check out Ginger's blog for some pics of the Little Man!!!

Oh My....we were all so very, very tickled to see them ALL!!! Ginger's husband is just the GREATEST guy in the attentive and you can tell he is such a good Daddy and so very proud of his baby boy!!

Ginger was absolutely GLOWING with love for the Little Man!!! He was dressed in a cute little plaid outfit.....very "little boy" looking!!!

Can't imagine any two better people to be parents!!!!

We can't WAIT till Ginger is able to come back to Knit Night.....I'm thinking there is going to be a lot of baby holding going on!!! LOL!!! He is so cute you just want to cuddle him up and just LOOK at him!!!!!!! So much so that I'm thinking we may need to bring a timer to insure everyone has equal time!!! LOL!!!

We Love you Ginger and can't WAIT to see you again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Doogle Knits said...

I wonder where he came from. He looks dangerous.

sydney said...

That's a super cute mug! Is that a scorpion? In Alabama?! I didn't think Alabama had scorpions.

tonni said...

I grew up probably less than 10 miles from where you house is and we had these scorpions all the time in our dishwasher... so scary!

I just love this mug... where did Bibby purchase???

paula said...

DH is aghast at scorpions in Argo. He says all we have are snakes, fire ants and mosquitoes oh my. I have not seen any scorpions since I left South GA. Suzie the hound dog barked her head off at a big rat snake on the patio today.

Life's a Stitch said...

Om my gosh, that beats the yuck factor we get here in BC, upon finding a hairy wolf spider in the shower. They say that more people get injured from running away from them since the spider, itself, can't inflict any harm.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

The mug is adorable ... and yes that visitor surpasses the Yuck factor. One more reason to NEVER walk around bare foot and not turn on the bathroom light in the middle of the night. We get the Common House Centipedes. They ARE yucky. Since I always wear slippers, they are my choice of weapon in defending my home turf.

thecountrygirl said...

First, ACK! What an awful creature! I didn't know you had scorpions in AL! (Do we have them in FL? I hate those things!!!)

Second, the mug is dang adorable. I WANT ONE! Too too cute!

And thirdly, your sock knitting is looking amazing! Love the new blue ones.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Did your friend say where she got the sheep cup? I would love to find one.