Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Future Warshrag Queen of Alabama

Montana is working on her first "warshrag". I am SOOOOOOOO proud of her!!!! Her knitting stitches are very good!!!! She is going to join me tomorrow night at my knitting group...Chicks with Sticks.....and she is very excited!! We are going to go shopping tomorrow for some of her "very own" knitting supplies!!!

As she only has the ball of yarn she is currently working on I feel it is my DUTY as her Great Aunt and yarn collector to get her started down this road and will do my best to fill her knitting bag tomorrow!!!


Becky / Knitting Interrupted said...

That's surely the grin of a future fiber addict my dear!

What all are you getting for her knitting bag?

A cool shoulder bag from Target to put it all in would be a great start, one of those yarn cutters (round pendant) would be neat and safe, a knitting video perhaps? Joanns has them in cd form really cheap., a row counter of course!, get her some cascade to knit with! I love that stuff, comes in great colors too! Or maybe Wool Cotton., gosh, hard to decide what would be great! GRIn... Stitch markers of course, a darning needle, a neat 6 inch ruler is a must! I could go on and on!

tonni said...

What a happy face! I think she will need a needle gauge for her bag - they usually have a ruler on the side. What a great Aunt you must be! So glad to hear that there actually are young girls (still) that want to learn the art of knitting.

Alabama Gal said...

It helps to chew gum while working! :-)